The tutorial section is a place of reference to ensure you are optimizing your potential in each exercise through proper form and alignment. This section is a dictionary of everything you need to know about form and decoding common cues.

  • Breathing tutorial

    Proper lateral breathing is a necessary component to exercise. Through deep, lateral breathing, your core will remain strong and stable to ensure that every exercise is effective and safe.

  • Neutral pelvis tutorial

    The neutral pelvis is neither a rounded spine or an arched spine. It is the position in between where your pelvis finds its natural curve. The neutral pelvis is an important component of this method because it allows your body to function at its optimal potential. A neutral pelvis helps strengthe...

  • Pelvic floor tutorial

    The pelvic floor consists of the deep, lower core muscles found at the base of your pelvis which stretch like a hammock to the tailbone and from side to side. These muscles need to be flexible and have the ability to life, hold and relax. Strong pelvic floor muscles will support the entire body t...

  • Tutorial on ball positioning

    Tutorial on where to place the ball to maximize the effectiveness of a movement and ensure correct form.

  • Modification tutorial

    Tutorial on modifications for the wrists, shoulders and the neck.